TUKAN Data Update - May 2023

9 de jun. de 2023


Welcome to the first edition of our "data updates" newsletter, where, each month, we'll highlight the new data sources added to our platform by our research team.

During May, our team has been working hard to ship new datasets to help you navigate 2023, where hot topics like inflation, nearshoring, and banking continue to be at analysts' and companies' top of mind.

If you have a subscription with us, you can query the data directly by clicking the links below; otherwise, contact our sales team to set up your account.

Top Picks 🔥

Citibanamex Survey

Extract bi-weekly inflation forecasts from Mexico's top research firms.

We've cleaned, parsed, and structured every single survey since 2016 to help you understand the experts' consensus on where price increases might be headed in the near future; and where economists might have missed in the past.

Corporate Loan Portfolios by Economic Activity

Ever wonder which economic sectors are receiving the most funding or which industries are the riskiest bet...well, now you can access our monthly database that tracks corporate loan portfolios across 120 industries in Mexico.

NPL Ratio of Loans Granted to Restaurants.

Foreign Direct Investment by Country and Economic Activity

Nearshoring is the hottest topic in Mexico right now.

Stay ahead of the curve by tracking which countries are betting on the Mexican market and in which industries.

Top 10 countries with the highest FDI flows into Mexico.
Top 10 manufacturing subsectors with FDI flows from the US.

Bolsa Mexicana de Valores - Operating Statistics

Is the Mexican foreign equities market going hot? Are trades in the Mexican stock exchange on a downward trend?

Tracking the monthly performance of Mexico's largest stock exchange has never been easier!

Daily average value traded in the global BMV market.

Other additions

Here you can find all datasets added during the month. As always, if you have a data suggestion in mind for our platform, feel free to submit a request.

🇲🇽 Macro

🏦 Banking

📈 Financial Markets


🏢 Public Sector

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