tukan Data Updates - May (1/2)


Welcome to a new issue of our "data updates" newsletter, where, every two weeks, we'll highlight the new data sources added to our platform by our research team.

If you have a subscription with us, you can query the data directly by clicking the links below; otherwisecontact our sales team to set up your account.

As always, feel free to suggest new additions to our catalog.

🔥 Top picks

You asked, we listened. We have now added valuable data sources to give you more insight on what's happening at a municipal level in Mexico.

This will allow you to generate deep level insights and enrich municipality level information in your organization's data stack.

🇲🇽 Worker's Remittances Income, Distribution by Municipality

🇲🇽 Labor Indicators for Mexican Municipalities

If you wish to "map" this data to INEGI's geographic codes, you can do so easily with our new catalog's module. As with queries, you can connect directly to catalogs with the link provided on the export button.

Download catalogs

Other additions

This week we went deep into credit card numbers and added some new, and valuable datasets to help you make sense of what's going on around the credit card market in Mexico.

Plus, we also added some macro data and tourism datasets to the inventory. If there's something you're interested in adding to the platform please get in touch!

🏦 Financials

📈 Macro

🏖️ Tourism